Monday, February 16, 2009

Power Cable...

I had someone new to train today, really good guy wanting to learn everything about the gig, writing things down, taking notes, I guess that's the same thing, I felt like Ryan Reynolds in that movie where he takes on an assistant, he says something then says "write that down", that's what I felt like today, I would tell him something then, say "write that down". We labeled some stuff, actually we labeled a lot of stuff, then I mentioned that its a lot of things to remember in just one day, especially with loading out on Tuesday, so you should go over your notes tonight and we'll go over it again tomorrow.

I had to make some calls, or call backs if you will, that and I was so thirsty, so I was like "I have to make some calls" and run to the gas station and get a drink, so as I was leaving the band stopped for a brief moment just long enough for me to talk in a normal voice, I said, "good job bro!" looking at all the labeling he'd been doing, then explained about the processor, said there's only three cables you need to worry about on a daily bases and one of them is the power cable! "Because if you don't have a power cable then you don't have power!?" he sorta laughed, but didn't really have a response, and looked at me with a blank look, after a second I said "you should label that too, just so there's no confusion on what goes where!"

And... He did.

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