Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last Minute..

The other night I was on the phone pretty much the whole afternoon moving into the evening helping out where I could for some techs that were out on the road having some trouble with LED, finally I get off the phone and then realize that I'm going to need to head out there to help get things up and running. So I book a flight on Southwest which I love, got a 6am the next morning to Baltimore, MD, and then mapped out a rout to get to the show in Salisbury, MD.

I thought ok its a little over 2 hours away not to bad not ideal for flying in to fix something, and wanting to be there for load in to help. But not bad, I get there and find out how beautiful MD. is, I've only really seen Baltimore, I've been to MD. several times but have only seen the back of the venue we were doing a show in. So driving threw the state that morning was pretty amazing. Course once I got on the 55mph road (no interstate where I was going) that took me for the 1-1/2 hours of my 2 hour drive, and being the type of person that doesn't speed I had plenty of time to site see the back country of MD. I kept wondering what kind of venue I was going too, wondering what to expect, coming up with contengincy plans if things were really messed up, looking for a starbucks for some keep awake liquid. I just couldn't get over the scenary, just amazing.

I finally showed up at the venue, still not reconizing the outside I walked in and looked up and rememebered that I'd been here, I actully blogged about this place as you can see here, it was the place where the ceiling starting falling, and I kept telling the riggers they had the chains in the wrong spots yada yada.. the funniest part was that the ceiling still looked the same, just look at the pic's from a year ago.

Its was good, 1hr 40min. flight, 35min getting to the rental car locations, 2hr 19min getting to the venue, for 30 minutes worth the work is priceless! and then making the trip back home in reverse order was a good adventure, especially driving on the back roads of MD in the middle of the night trying to find my way to the hotel in Baltimore.

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