Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last night we got together with some friends, Nick and A.j., over at Nick's place, we've been talking about a potluck get together for some time now, where whoever is hosting makes the main dish and the others bring drinks and a side dish, or salad or dessert or whatever, it's a good way to get together and share how you make things, and try new things etc.
So last night was the first night, as you can see Nick getting really close to make sure his fish on the Barbie are doing what he wants them to do. It was great, cause he bought this grill before we got there, it's always good be the one that helps in the breaking in process of a new grill.

Patti, had made an appetizer of fruit dip stuff that's amazing, whenever she makes this, it doesn't usually matter what event or get together she brings this too it's usually a hit.


We made some pretty good food, eating on a card board table, was a laugh at first, but... it was a lot of fun, the salad that A.j. made was really good, everybody played their part in bringing something, A.j. with salad and drinks, the salad was awesome and simple, Patti with the pre-dinner, a side dish, and dessert, and Nick with the and it turned out really great!

Patti's dessert, a little something she whipped up just before we went, she thinks it looks disappointing but man was it good!! I had a another piece before.

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