Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Ah yes... Valentines Day, is one of those days that I try to be romantic but, by no means is there an ounce of romance in my body, I try, but it always seems to turn into some kind of joke, or I'm just an idiot and say the wrong thing, I've watched "You've Got Mail", I've seen "Noting Hill", and still, I can't get it right.
I guess I'll keep trying, maybe one day my wonderful wife that deserves the world in her hands for putting up with me will get a glimpse of romance, it's not that I don't try, I bought some flowers at the beginning of the week for her, and today I drove all over looking for some chocolate, I looked at cards then realized that the cards are all stupid, so instead of looking somewhere else I chose to forget, and move on to work related things, and.... I guess that's like the cardinal rule, you have to have a card to go with the stuff you buy for her. Oops... (sigh)

But she still loves me, and I love her, for the card and the gift she got me!

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Stacey Ree said...

awe. You need to take her to see "He's just not that into you" I promise you she'll laugh uncontrollably!!!