Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Woken to Early...

This morning we wake up to hammering and somebody sawing things right outside our window. Your first reaction is being pissed off, then next you move to wanting revenge, then finally just bitterness, I hate that word, bitterness, its the word defines holding a grudge, do to bad experiences, like the one we're having with our complex, we've never wanted to move so bad till now, 3 years with the same place, and now they decide to remodel the pool, a couple days ago, and now the outside of the buildings, and to be honest its pointless what their doing, we're watching the progress, and it looks the exact same. And I've looked at what their doing to the outside of the buildings, the new stuff compared to the old, and there's nothing wrong with the old stuff, (Such horrible management!) I guess they forget that people LIVE here!

It's like if I did all these things outside their place they would call the cops, or complain, but since they work here and make really bad decisions like having these people doing this without so much as a memo saying we're sorry in advance for the inconvenience but it's going to get noisy.

Instead they don't tell anyone, and people like my wife that works till midnight has to be woken at 8am on the dot by people just trying to make a living, I know its not the fault of the people doing the work, even tho in my tiredness I want to harm them, (i.e. punch them in the face) but more the fault of the complex, who should have at least sent out a memo or at least compromised and tell them not to start till 10am that's a little more respectable time to be woken abruptly.

There for the week that's me complaining.

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2Duce2 Videography said...

I would've been pissed!! You'd think the people in management would think about that!