Sunday, March 1, 2009


They say the first thing to admitting you have a problem is buying a really expensive shampoo to help with the problem.

Yup, I've been worrying and hoping that maybe it's just a season but thinning hair is not a season, I use to have such thick, curly hair, that all the ladies seemed to love. Course they were my grandma's, aunts and their friends that were all in their 80's, but they loved it non the less.

But now without a doubt it's slowly disappearing, I don't want to end up like that guy that was on the Andy Griffith show, you know the one, he went on to do another really successful tv show in his teens, and then go on to be really successful behind a camera, the key word here is "behind" the camera and wears a hat all the time! You know why? Because he had RED hair and now he doesn't. (Sigh) Granted he's made some of my favorite movies! And I'm sure he's a really cool guy, and I hope he doesn't mind me picking on him for losing some hair, it's not his fault, but, he's the only one I know that has had red hair and now is missing some red hair.

Saying all that, I guess what I'm getting at is I going to try and prevent, if it's a preventable.

Because lets be honest that's all I really got going for me, I hate for my wife to always say "do you have a dress hat to go with that suit?". Red heads don't look good with a shaved (bic'd) head. We're pale white. I would look ..... Stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Face it...soon you will be Shane.