Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Last Week...

The last couple weeks this is what I've been up to, I haven't been out the whole two weeks, but what I've been working on is the LED in this shot behind the band, it's the newest LED that the Co. I've been working for has gotten. I've worked with it before and really liked it, when I heard that the Co. bought some I was excited. It's a lot of fun, there's a lot you can do with it, but it's taken up a lot of my time, not in a bad way just been busy prepping it to go out on different things and well this run of shows they have it out on, it took some time getting it ready and figuring out how to do different things with it, but in the end worth it when it turns on.

This last week has been fun, I haven't a whole lot to blog about, it's been busy and relaxing, I got a lot of time to spend with Patti. I've also got a lot done with work. The next couple weeks though I'm hoping to have more to blog about with more festivals coming up on the schedule, especially the next two, their fun and the weather also makes for some fun stories.

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