Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Rain...

This pretty much sums up the last two weeks, it smells like horse poo, and it's pretty much the whole lower bowl, the kids are loving it, and that's great... For them, but my feet are killin' me right now! From being soaked, to walking through the mud, to being on them all day.

I did take a small break from being on my feet this afternoon and got some soldering time in on a tile that needed some lovin'. But seriously getting back to it's pretty gross out, we're hoping that the next cohple days will be better but it's not looking good, it's not the worse tho, the worst was a couple years ago when I worked for a different led co. We were doing this country fest and it rained the whole time, then you mix beer, puke and pee into the mix and maybe some other things and it was enough that I gagged every time I walked out side the led trucks! Now that I think about that I wonder what I did with those pictures?

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