Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brody's linklove ...

Brody wrote: It’s the beginning of the month and that means that it’s time again for “Link Loved”. The time where were celebrate those that are sending the most people to our blogs. Now for all of you people out there that will inevitably say, “to me it’s not about traffic and I think this is a lame thing”, I say…. neat. Then don’t play. I think it’s cool to focus on something other than ourselves a few times a month and this is one of them. So for those of you that know how, figure out who your top five referring blogs are, that is the five blogs that sent you the most traffic this month and write a post explaining their blog to people and sending people their way. Make sense? We’ve done this once before and it seemed to work well, so here goes.

I like to support Brody and his craziness, so here it is my link love.

1. Brody (haha) - I had to go back and look at what I wrote last time about Brody, oddly enough he was first then too, I find that funny, the guy that is starting all these blog trends can also be your biggest linked love! I think thats great, I still have nothing but affirmation for this guy, I can only hope that he and this guy take over the industry, in their internet wordary.

2. Jay Steven - Jay's my wife's little brother, he's recently started blogging again, and I love it, he is a great photographer, he shares his photo's and some really great stories, the one recently is pretty stinking funny. I'm always looking forward to see what pic's and stories he has next.

3. Eugene - You can't go wrong with this guys blog, he's starting to get comfortable in his own little style of blogging, has a great ratio of pic's and story telling, its not to much or, not enough story to the pictures, its some good reading!

4. Patti (My Wife) - She just recently started a blog, she hasn't blogged a whole lot, but when she does writing is awesome, and her decisions of what pic's go on her blog are just perfect, I'm a little bias cause she's my wife, but I wish she would blog more, cause I love reading what she's thinking about. Especially while I'm on the road, I have so much to say about her but I'm trying to make this quick. I'm so lucky to be married to such a wonderful women!

5. Kristin - This is Kristin is some good reading, I've only met Kristin once at a MM show, but I enjoy reading her blog, her stories of the kids are funny, her dedication to the things she's involved in are awesome! Her blog is always an encouraging blog read!

There you go, there's my top 5 linklove, now help support Brody's trend setting, and post your top 5.

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