Friday, July 4, 2008

Some Funny and Some Sad

So other than spiders and porta-potties, I thought I would share some of the things that have made me laugh and cry in the last couple days. This festival is one of the few that does the cardboard time schedule, I think its funny, I'm pretty sure that I did this exact shot a year go when I was here.

Our crew has dubbed this show the hippy fest, cause its a little different from the rest of the festivals, the free spirit of the attendee's, the festival allows to do pretty much anything, and camp anywhere, and that they allow kids to set up in their camp site with an audio system and play their own little concert, and everybody plays frisby, hacky sack, and some silly jumping game, lets talk about that for a minute, whats the deal with that game, these kids stand really still, then someone I guess makes or says something, or does something that cause everybody to jump to another location, and try to knock somebody over? I don't really get it, its by far the weirdest game I've ever seen.
Its not like theres small groups, theres always a crowd doing it, nobody really showers, they encourage in flyer's that if you are going to bathe to use environment friendly soap while taking a bath in the lake! But like I said the general attitude is "why bathe at all?" The bands are for the most part, well I've never heard of a lot of the bands that play this festival, course theres like 10 different stages, I guess I've heard of the headliners (except Saturdays headliner) and a few of the bands that play at the stage I'm at, but when reading the booklet that was given to us I'm like "nope haven't heard of any of 'em",

Yeah thats right, doesn't that just look amazing! Can you taste it? this picture of flammable goodness that causes my brauts, handburgers, hotdogs, steaks, turn into the sweet goodness they are! Speaking of which happy 4th of July, but lets get back to the pic, thats all the fire works I need... Wait for it.... Wait for it...
"MMmmmmmm" Look that goodness! theres nothing like grilling, especially under a dead tree, a bunch of dead leaves, and two really powerful generators! Makes you feel like a man! Course much like the spider, and my willingness to share that I freaked out about a spider story, I figure I might as well share this, the first day I set up the grill I'm standing out there I put the charcoal in the grill, then the liter fluid, lite it, it goes out pretty quick naturally, so I put more liter fluid on there, a buddy says hey from a far, as he's walking over, I'm still putting the liter fluid on the charcoal, when he's pretty close I go to lite it, and woosh! This huge flame goes up in the air, now you would think that, in a movie format of coolness I would stand there like nothing fazed me, (haha) no I jumped, and then ducked for cover. (sigh) my manliness this week is weak!

Ah yes, Chief Culmer, the menu was burgers or something you bought, since nobody bought anything, except me and one other guy, that means their options are with or without cheese, all week baby!

Then towards the end of the night, its dark I'm doing stuff here and there, I need to go into the RV and start cleaning up, from dinner, and on my way out of the camper, I step into the hole just to the left of the carpet, that's right out our stupid door! Let me rephrase that, I didn't just step into the hole but rather stepped half in the grass, and half in the crater, which caused my ankle to role in a direction that I'm pretty sure now its not suppose to role! Now given my week and the lack of manliness, I was like "ahh I'll walk it off, its nothing!" Well given my bellicosity for the situation was enthusiastic, it quickly became stultifying! Cause lets face the facts I'm just a big wuss.

Thankfully one of the guys had a ice pad thing that was in the freezer, and now even while I'm bloggin' I have it propped up and a bag of ice on it, hoping that I'll be able to go in to work today with out hopping in to work! (Haha so cheesy!)

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jackmooring said...

Culmer it was good seeing you at Cornerstone. Hit me up on blogspot... I'll become one of your faithful readers. peace! -jack